Gay Street Reconfiguration Project

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The current lane configuration of Gay Street between Broad Street and Liberty Street requires those driving or biking to change lanes at one or more locations in order to continue straight on the street. This project proposes revising the configuration to improve operations and safety for people driving, biking, and walking on this segment of Gay Street. The proposed new configuration is shown in the image below. Changes include creation of turn lanes to safely accommodate left turns, addition of bike lanes, and construction of additional crosswalks and curb ramps at Main Street and Broad Street. These improvements can be made without widening the road, to avoid impacts to adjacent properties. The concept for this project was first identified in the 2014 Downtown Streetscape Plan PDF Icon and a study PDF Icon was completed in 2022. Funding for the project is available through the Virginia Highway Improvement Program. 

Map of Gay Street

Gay Street Reconfiguration Diagram PDF Icon[4MB]

Gay Street Reconfiguration Open House: The Harrisonburg Public Works Department held an open house on April 3 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm in the auditorium of Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center, 620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg. Visual aids and staff were present at the open house for information. A questionnaire was available at the open house to collect public thoughts/suggestions and is now available digitally. Suggestions, ideas, or concerns regarding the proposed project, whether expressed at the open house or through the questionnaire, will guide the design and implementation of the project. More information about Harrisonburg roadway reconfigurations and reconfiguration projects.

Open House Visual Aids

Before and after image

Project Questionnaire 

A Questionnaire is currently available digitally. Written and oral questions and comments may be submitted to Brittany Clem-Hott by emailing or calling 540-434-5928.

Take the Questionnaire: Gay Street Reconfiguration Project Questionnaire - Available in English and Español

Project Schedule:

Design and Public Outreach - 2024/25

Construction - 2026/27