Water & Sewer

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All water and sewer connections are managed by the Billing Division of the Public Utilities Department.

Office Location:  2155 Beery Rd, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone Number: 540-434-6783  |  Fax Number: 540-434-9769

Water and Sewer Billing - Frequently Asked Questions pdf [211KB]

Connection to Existing Water Service - How to Apply

Connection for New Construction

The City realizes that people need to plan for water and sewer services before they can build a new house or a business facility.  The Department of Public Utilities wants to make it as easy as possible to obtain these connections.

Step 1 - Learn how to get water and sewer service to a building site, whether a single building or a major development. The Public Utilities Department can tell you:

  • If an existing public main is located close enough to meet needs.
  • The expected water pressure conditions.
  • The expected fire suppression capacity.
  • The guidelines for the size and type of water meter to install.
  • The guidelines for determining whether gravity or pumped sewer service is required.

All information is free.

Step 2 - The customer pays applicable fees established in the Harrisonburg City Code of Ordinance 7-4-22. Fees vary based on the size and type of building.

Construction for new connections is a cooperative venture of the City and the Customer.  The Field Division of Public Utilities is responsible for constructing the new service from the existing main to the street right-of-way or easement line. The Customer is responsible for the service connection from the right-of-way or easement line to the dwelling. The work to be completed by city forces is scheduled when the applicable fees are paid.

Step 3 - The customer should contact the Billing Division of Public Utilities when the service line from the main to the building is completed.

Contact Information:   Phone: 540-434-9959 | Email: waterservice@harrisonburgva.gov

A Customer Service Representative will:

  • Schedule a site visit by a Technician who will ensure the line is properly connected and that water and sewer will be available when you are ready.
  • Assist you in establishing an account as a new customer.

You are ready to move in!