Fire Hydrant Use Policy

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Department of Public Utilities - Fire Hydrant Use Policy

General Information  

The Department of Public Utilities does make certain provisions to allow use of water from its system hydrants.  You must obtain a permit at the Department of Utilities to utilize the hydrant.  Failure of a customer to obtain the permit will result in prosecution, under Section 1-1-6 of the City Code of Ordinances and Section 7-2-14 and 7-2-17 of the same ordinance.


The conditions established by the permit procedure have been set to achieve:

  1. Protection of the City's Water System from backflow contamination.
  2. Protection and active management of fire hydrants such to maintain proper operating conditions for the City's Fire Protection Program.
  3. Accommodation of temporary, construction, or mobile commercial users whose "Condition-of-use" tenders permanent metering installation impractical.

Leaving the meter on the fire hydrant will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Periodically, the water department will be checking these fire hydrants. Any meters found left on a fire hydrant will be confiscated.


The City Water Department reserves the right to revoke any issued permit. Water use may be suspended during periods subject to freezing temperatures or drought conditions.

Hydrant Operations Procedures

  1. At no time is an assembly to be left attached to a hydrant when the hydrant is not actually furnishing water.
  2. At no time is the hydrant to be left without the cap replaced and snugly tightened.
  3. Remove hydrant nozzle cap.
  4. Attach metering/backflow device and hose. Install brace support provided with permit.
  5. Open hydrant slowly. It should take more than 60 seconds to fully open to prevent surging on the water system. Open completely to shut off drip drain while hydrant is in use. If you expect frequent open and closure, or throttling, install and use a valve on the hose.
  6. In no instance should the discharge end of the hose be inserted into a tank or container under water or laid on the ground to make and lay in its own pool of water. There must be, at all times, an air gap between the end of the water hose and the container and/or the water level at the end of the hose.
  7. Upon filing the tank, container, or otherwise having drawn sufficient water for immediate need, close hydrant valve.
  8. Remove metering/backflow device and hose.
  9. Replace nozzle cap.
  10. The applicant is to use the meter in a proper manner.



Group A (Blue Hydrant)
Allows the customer to use any of the designated "Group A" hydrants for a period of time denoted on the permit (Generally issued for a month duration with a renewable option). There are several designated "Group A": hydrants which are listed below:
Hydrant ID Location:
5-A Beery Road
21-H Hidden Creek Lane
32-A Vine Street / Meadowlark Drive
33-A Commerce Drive
56-A Acorn Drive
74-K East Market Street
107-E Carpenter Lane
123-U West Market Street

Group B (Red or Silver Hydrant)
Allows the customer to use a hydrant other than those shown in "Group A". Use of these hydrants are discouraged, but approved on a case-by-case basis by the director.



Upon issuance of a permit, the Water Department will also issue you the following:

  1. A large (3") meter or a small meter (5/8") with an appropriate backflow prevention device.
  2. A brace support to prevent damage to nozzle threads from meter weight during use.
  3. A hydrant wrench for removal of caps and operation of the hydrant.

Pricing Schedule

Meter Size Hydrant Type Minimum Charge Deposit
5/8" Blue - (Type A) $30.00 Per Month $500.00
3" Blue - (Type A) $30.00 Per Month $1,000.00
5/8" Other - (Type B) $300.00 Per Month $500.00
3" Other - (Type B) $300.00 Per Month $1,000.00
  1. Users shall be administered through the utility billing system as a district 1 customer; all policies and ordinances shall apply. The account shall be considered active so long as the customer retains possession of the meter.
  2. Hydrant charge will be prorated on a daily basis for less than full month use.
  3. Water will be billed at applicable city rates.
  4. Meter readings must be emailed to by 12:00pm on the 28th day of each month.  Call in readings will NOT be permitted.  A fee of $100.00 will incur monthly on all accounts not reported by the 28th.  
  5. All consumption will be recognized to occur in the billing period that it is reported. Failure to report in a given month will result in loss of allowable water usage under minimum charge, forfeiture of deposit and possible revocation of permit issued.