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Drinking WaterThe Harrisonburg Public Utilities Department annually presents a consumer confidence report to all city water consumers.  The latest report, found below, covers the sampling results for tests performed on the city's drinking water during the previous year.  Each report also contains more information on educational topics and/or stories related to current events.

Public Utilities is pleased to tell you that their compliance with all state and federal drinking water laws remains exemplary. As in the past, Public Utilities is committed to delivering the best quality drinking water. To that end, Public Utilities remains vigilant in meeting the challenges of source water protection, water conservation, and community education while continuing to serve the needs of all city water users.

Water Quality Report cover

PDF[1.23MB] 2023 Water Quality Report

PDF[896KB] 2023 Informe de Calidad del Agua

Water Quality Reports

PDF[1.23MB] 2023 Water Quality Report

PDF[896KB] 2023 Informe de Calidad del Agua


PDF[2.0MB] 2022 Water Quality Report  

PDF[1.5MB] 2021 Water Quality Report

PDF[1.5MB] 2020 Water Quality Report

PDF[1.4MB] 2019 Water Quality Report

PDF[1.7MB] 2018 Water Quality Report  

PDF[1.5MB] 2017 Water Quality Report







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