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Fall leaves

The mission of leaf collection is to assist the citizens with the disposal of leaves through an annual collection program. In addition to leaf collection services, the City also recommends alternative options for leaf maintenance.

Leaf Pickup Services (Via Collection Machine)

*In the heavily forested areas a specific truck is assigned for leaf collection.

2023 Leaf Collection Timeframe - Monday, November 13, 2023 - December 15, 2023 (Weather Permitting)

Collection Schedule: 

West Side of Main Street & Forest Hills

  • November 13 - November 17
  • November 20 - November 22 (excludes holidays)
  • December 4 - December 8

East Side of Main Street & Fairway Drive

  • November 20 - November 22 (excludes holidays)
  • November 27 - December 1
  • December 11 - December 15

**Please have leaves out by Monday of your scheduled week to guarantee collection. Streets will be done only once per scheduled week.

How to participate: Leaves are to be raked out to just behind the curb or the edge of the roadway, keeping leaves out of the stormwater drain, and not to extend more than 5 feet into your yard. These directions will help ensure the truck reaches most of the leaves and storm drains remain unclogged. Leaves will not be picked up if there is excessive grass, limbs, branches or trash mixed with the leaves. Please do not park vehicles around the leaves. 

Public Service Announcement - City of Harrisonburg Annual Leaf Collection pdf icon [145KB]


Leaf Collection via Bulk Trash Day 

Weekly Pickup is also available alongside the City's Bulk trash collection day if leaves are placed in a biodegradable bag (available at your local Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.) or 35 gallon container with no liner, on your regular assigned Wednesday bulk pickup. (See Yard Debris and Bulk collection.

Note: Adverse weather conditions during this period can restrict the collection process. Cold temperatures can cause moisture in the leaves to freeze creating large balls of ice which can damage the leaf collection machines. Also, an early snow event may cause collection delays and snow removal efforts can cause existing leaf piles to be plowed up. All leaf collection is expected to be completed within the timeframe that is set each year. Depending on the weather conditions, leaves may fall sooner or later, thus changing November's collection schedule annually.


Leaf Collection at the Recycling Convenience Center

Leaves may also be placed in biodegradable bags and dropped off at the Recycling Convenience Center during open hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm. Closed during city holidays.


Alternative Leaf Maintenance Methods

Leave leaves alone image with benefits

Leaves are an important source for overwintering beneficial insects and butterflies. To encourage biodiversity in your yard and help insect populations, you may consider leaving the leaves. Mulch the leaves on the lawn to avoid smothering the lawn, but leave leaves as they fall in perennial beds, under tree canopies, around shrubs, and some ground covers.

Rather than blowing or bagging the leaves, mow them. By mowing your lawn leaves, you benefit to your home greenspace by reducing noise and greenhouse gases, creating compost that enriches your soil, reducing air pollution, provide winter shelter for beneficial organisims and more!

Check out the below alternative leaf maintenance resources for more information:

Please call Public Works at 540-434-5928 if you have any questions.