Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

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The Public Works Department maintains over 300 lane miles, 42.37 miles of public sidewalk, 250 miles of curb and gutter, and hundreds of acres of city right-of-way.  Public Works strives to ensure a safe, clean, and clear passageway for all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  This is accomplished by maintaining a comprehensive maintenance and construction program.  

Questions about these programs may be directed to the Public Works Department at or call 540-434-5928.


Street SweepingStreet Sweeper Truck Photo

The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing debris from public roadways.  This includes litter, gravel, and accident debris.  By removing this debris, the City is also actively reducing the sediment and pollutants that flow through the storm drain system and eventually into our streams.

Street sweeping takes place at a minimum of 10 months out of the year. Using Market Street and Main Street as a divider, the Public Works Department routinely sweeps city streets in a counterclockwise rotation. Primary streets and residential streets are reached approximately once per month while downtown routes are swept daily. Please see the map below that shows the Sweeper Routes.

 Street Sweeper Routes 2024

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Storm Drainage Maintenance

Storm drains are installed along streets to convey stormwater under the street, which reduces the frequency and potential for flooding of the streets.  The curb and gutter or side ditch, along the street, provides a channel for stormwater to be collected and flow into the piped storm drain system. The City provides maintenance and repair to the storm drain system that is located on the public street right-of-way or in easements specifically assigned to the City and designated for drainage.

Crews operate a flush truck to clean storm drains.

Runoff is always an issue, especially during heavy downpours.  Flooding can easily occur where water has never been a concern.  The City maintains an annual cleaning of storm drains and inlets.  Ditch lines that are on city right-of-ways are monitored for build-up and materials are removed.  Most blockages are the result of yard debris that should be cleaned up by the property owner.  Property owners need to inspect driveway pipes before and after any heavy rains.  Removing the debris early will allow runoff to flow freely and avoid any back-up.

Citizens should avoid spreading grass clippings into the street.  Grass clippings will run into the City's storm drains and clog pipes or settle into the bottom of the drainage structures harboring insects.

When drainage problems exist on private property, it is the property owner's responsibility to correct the drainage problem.  The City does not perform work on private property.

More information on the City's Stormwater Management Program.  The Stormwater Management Program addresses the quantity and quality of stormwater that flows to and from our landscape into our streams.

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Street Repaving

Street repaving occurs in the summer and is generally completed by contracted crews under the supervision of city staff.  Streets are prioritized for repaving following an annual inspection and evaluation of streets. 

Driveway entrances are the sole responsibility of the property owner.  Any repairs or improvements will be at the owner's expense. 

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Sidewalks & Curbs

As part of the sidewalk maintenance program, city staff annually inspects and evaluates sidewalks and curb and gutter.  Following evaluation, city crews may begin repairing sidewalks and curb and gutter in the most needed areas first and work their way through the schedule as weather and funding permits. 

City sidewalk maintenance does not include snow and ice removal; adjacent property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks. See City Code

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Street Beautification

Beautification crews work many hours mowing, brush cutting, and removing litter on the city right-of-way and other city maintained properties.  They also collect leaves during the fall as part of the City's Leaf Collection Program.

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Tree Trimming

Citizens need to be aware of tree limbs and shrubbery protruding into the city streets and sidewalks.  Tree limbs that extend into the street need to be at least 15 feet above the street to guarantee safe passage by city maintenance and emergency vehicles.  Shrubbery that extends into the sidewalk could hinder pedestrian traffic and obstruct sight distance for vehicles at intersections.  The City performs a year-round trimming program and notifies citizens when they will be in their area.  The citizen has the option to do the trimming themselves or have the City do it.  If the City performs the trimming, there is no assurance that it will be done to the property owner's satisfaction.  There is no charge to the property owner for this service.

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Yard Sale Signage

Beginning in spring/summer and extending into the early fall, yard sales are a weekly scene on the city landscape.  A problem exists when signs advertising these events are not immediately removed upon the completion of the event.  The placement of these signs onto city property (such as street signposts, telephone, or traffic poles) is a violation of the city ordinance.  If the City crews must remove these signs, there is a minimum charge of $65 for their removal.  This will not be the case if the signs are removed within a timely manner after the event.  At no time are yard sale signs to be affixed to any stop sign.

Note: Any private or special announcements must have the approval of the Director of Public Works prior to being placed on city right-of-way.

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Personal Material Storage

At no time should the city streets or right-of-way be used to store personal construction materials.  This becomes a safety issue if someone should run into it.  The property owner would be solely responsible for any damages if an accident were to occur.

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New Construction

For a listing of new construction projects please visit our Projects webpage

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