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New to Harrisonburg?  New to the United States? Many organizations in our community have programs and services to assist you with everything from finding a job to learning English.

Harrisonburg is home to many different cultures and residents from several different countries. This page and the city's website are home to many great resources to make your transition to our community easier.


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ID's and Documentation:

As a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. you are entitled to and need certain identification and documentation for employment and educational purposes.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (Virginia ID and Driver's License)

A Virginia driver's license allows you to drive in the United States and use this form of identification for many purposes.  You can also obtain adult ID cards through the Department of Motor Vehicles, if you do not hold a learning permit or driver's license issued by any state within the U.S.

Social Security Administration (Social Security Card)

You may obtain a Social Security card through the Social Security Administration and use it for employment, collect benefits, and apply for other government services.


U.S. Citizenship:

If you are a lawful permanent resident, you have the right to obtain U.S. citizenship.  Please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website to obtain information about how to apply for citizenship, to find educational materials, and prepare for the Naturalization Test.  Skyline Literacy also offers assistance with the preparation and testing process.

GlobeEducation Opportunities:

There are numerous opportunities within our community for expanding one's English language proficiency to finishing a degree to seeking higher education.  Harrisonburg has a superb public school system, two nationally ranked universities and satellite classrooms of a regional community college.  In addition, Harrisonburg benefits from several organizations with education as their core mission.

English Language:


Higher Education:

BriefcaseEmployment Opportunities:

Several offices, including the City of Harrisonburg, provide employment opportunities.  Harrisonburg is also the site for a regional office for the Virginia Employment Commission as well as the Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Center.  Both the VEC and SVDC offer a wide range of employment assistance.

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The City of Harrisonburg operates a transit bus system for students and residents.  The service has multiple routes for access to both

commercial and residential neighborhoods.  Commercial air flight is also an option through the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport.


There are several options for seeking and receiving healthcare in and around Harrisonburg.  Several of these organizations offer services for reduced fees based on income.

OfficerDirect Immigrant, Refugee or Asylee Resources:

Harrisonburg is also home to organizations with a wide range of program and services for immigrants, refugees or asylees new to the United States and Harrisonburg.