Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

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Current Size: 80%

The City of Harrisonburg regulates the use of wireless telecommunication facilities to provide minimal negative impact to the community while respecting both residential and commercial neighborhoods, while providing opportunities to supply wireless telecommunication services in the City.

All new facilities require the approval of a wireless telecommunication facilities application by the Planning and Zoning Division of the Department of Planning and Community Development. Depending on the location and construction of the wireless telecommunication facility, a special use permit and/or building and trade permits may be required. For more information on whether additional permits are required, please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 540-432-7700.

Regulations and Applications

Zoning Ordinance, Article CC, Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

Wireless Facility Application [245KB]PDF

Special Use Permit Application and Process

Wireless Telecommunication Facility Application Fees

  • Small cell facility: $100 per facility
  • Wireless telecommunication facility with special use permit: no fee (note there is a fee to apply for a special use permit)
  • Section 6409 eligible facility: no fee

Small Cell Facilities

Small cell facilities are the only wireless telecommunication facility permitted by right within all zoning districts. Small cell facilities are wireless telecommunication facilities that meet both of the following qualifications: 

(i)Each antenna is located inside an enclosure of no more than six cubic feet in volume, or, in the case of an antenna that has exposed elements, the antenna and all of its exposed elements could fit within an imaginary enclosure of no more than six cubic feet and 

(ii)All other wireless equipment associated with the facility has a cumulative volume of no more than 28 cubic feet, or such higher limit as is established by the Federal Communications Commission. The following types of associated equipment are not included in the calculation of equipment volume: electric meter, concealment, telecommunications demarcation boxes, back-up power systems, grounding equipment, power transfer switches, cut-off switches, and vertical cable runs for the connection of power and other services

Section 6409 Eligible Facilities

The Spectrum Act Section 6409 Wireless Facilities Deployment allows modifications to facilities in existence prior to the enactment of Article CC of the Zoning Ordinance. The modification shall not substantially change eligible facilities. This list of eligible facilities can be found on the Wireless Telecommunication Facility Application.

Facilities Requiring Approval of Special Use Permit 

A special use permit may be required depending on the zoning district and type of facility desired to be constructed. Regulations regarding whether a facility requires a special use permit can be found within the Zoning Ordinance, Article CC, Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.

Special Use Permit Application and Process.


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