Trash and Recycling

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*News - Toter trash carts are coming to Harrisonburg in Spring 2021. Your selection of either a 48- or 96-gallon cart will be dropped off at residents' homes prior to the program's launch in Spring 2021.


View the Harrisonburg refuse collection map (collection zones)

  • Trash/garbage pickup and Recycling Convenience Center schedule changes during holidays: Holiday Schedule.
  • Containers are to be placed on the back of the curb on the property line by 7:00am on the collection day and not before 4:00pm on the day previous to pick up.
  • For the Downtown Central Business District, containers should be placed out for pick up between 6:00am and 11:00am on the scheduled collection day.
  • Businesses and Residents are limited to 5 bags/containers per week.  All refuse should be in leak free bags or containers and NOT weigh more than 75 pounds or have more than 35 gallon capacity each.
  • Bundles: Maximum size = 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet high. Maximum weight = 75 pounds. Maximum limb diameter is 2 inches. Must be bounded or tied with a binder strong enough to permit handling.
  • If bags or containers fail during handling the property owner or occupant will assume clean up. The refuse container should have outside handles.
  • Composting is a great way to keep organic materials out of refuse, which diverts waste from the landfill and also cuts down on the potential for "refuse juice" to spill on the street and enter the storm sewer system. Although the City does not provide curbside collection of compost, did you know that there is a public compost drop-off location in Harrisonburg? The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley collects compost near City Hall in parking lot at S. Liberty St. and Warren St. More information.


Recycling for Businesses

Small businesses, who have city or private refuse collection, are still encouraged to source separate recyclables and drop at the Recycling Convenience Center.