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Board Description
Every city and county in the Commonwealth of Virginia has a three-member Electoral Board, with bipartisan representation, which is appointed to administer fair, free, open and transparent elections. Recommendations for appointment are made by local political parties and are court appointed for each county or city. Some duties of the Electoral Board are to appoint the General Registrar and Officers of Election for their county or city, train Officers of Election, purchase and maintain the voting equipment, prepare ballots, administer absentee ballot process, conduct elections in a secure and non-partisan manner and certify the results of elections. Electoral Boards ensure the integrity of our election process.

Harrisonburg City's Electoral Board

Chair: David Wiens:

Vice Chair: Bill Call:

Secretary: Jane Grant Burner:

The Harrisonburg City Electoral Board is comprised of three members who are appointed by a majority of the Circuit Court judges of the City for a three year staggered term. Two members represent the political party of the Governor currently in office and one member represents the political party having the second highest number of votes for governor at the last preceding gubernatorial election.


Adopted Precinct Map 

PDF of the adopted precinct map that went into use on July 1st, 2022:

PDF[1MB] Proposed Precinct Map 

Meeting Date/Time/Location

The board meets as needed in order to fulfill duties related to the elections cycle, as well as those designated by the State Board of Elections.

Schedule of Meetings


(PDF All files are in PDF format.)

*For files older than one year, please call the Registrar's Office at 540-432-7707.


[58KB] Minutes from June 22-23, 2022 Canvass

[155MB] Minutes from July 25, 2022 Meeting

[733KB] Minutes from August 22, 2022 Meeting

[350KB] Minutes from September 12, 2022 Meeting

[320KB] Minutes from September 30, 2022 Meeting

[245KB] Minutes from October 10, 2022 Meeting

[219KB] Minutes from October 24, 2022 Meeting

[1001KB] Minutes from Canvass November 9 - 15, 2022 Meeting

[118KB] Minutes from December 5, 2022 Meeting


[260KB] Minutes from January 9, 2023 Meeting

[160KB] Minutes from January 23, 2023 Meeting

[180KB] Minutes from April 11, 2023 Meeting

[196KB] Minutes from June 12, 2023 Meeting

[199KB] Minutes from August 14, 2023 Meeting

[229KB] Minutes from September 11, 2023 Meeting

[227KB] Minutes from October 2, 2023 Meeting

[75KB] Minutes from October 16, 2023 Meeting

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