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The primary purpose of advertising is to create awareness and knowledge.  Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, people have to know about you before they consider using you.  If you’re looking into advertising for the first time or just want to reevaluate your advertising options, Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) might just have what you're looking for!


About Us:

Our transit fleet currently operates over 40 fixed and demand response routes.  Depending on the time of year, our vehicles run from 6:34am until 2:15am the following morning.  In 2013, the department carried over 2.7 million passengers from all area demographics.  HDPT routes cover 17 square miles with an estimated population outreach of nearly 52,000 people with several area colleges and universities.  HDPT’s passenger miles well exceeded 5 million for the 2013 Fiscal Year.  By utilizing some form of public transit advertising, you could really give a boost to your business.


For More Advertising Information Contact:

Media Transit


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