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Water & Sewer

Water and sewer services information for moving or building a new house or a business facility. The Department of Public Utilities wants to make it as easy as possible to obtain these connections.

Can I Access or Move My Meter Box?

Improper access to meter boxes will cause damage. You will be held responsible for damage caused by you or your plumber.

Contact the Billing Department 540-434-6783  for assistance to access your meter box.

Contact the Operations Center 540-434-9959  to have a meter box moved.

Relocation of meter boxes, if performed to accommodate building or landscaping, will be billed to the customer.

How Should I Fill and Discharge Water from My Pool?

Water customers should contact the Public Utilities Department at 540-434-9959 for advice on the best way to fill home swimming pools.

Most customers fill their pools from their existing water meter. There are other options, such as installing a separate water meter for your pool, having the Fire Department fill your pool and obtaining a "Water Use Agreement" upon payment of fee, or obtaining a fire hydrant use permit.

Are There Types of Water Discharges that the City Does Not Permit?

Some discharges are illegal while others are approved through special permits.

In general, contact the Water Operations Center at 540-434-9959 for information about restrictions or necessary permits.

The City ordinance prohibits connecting drain spouts or drain pumps to your sanitary sewer building lines. Unpolluted water should be routed to storm drainage systems. Misdemeanor charges and monthly surcharges are enforcement actions which are available to the Department of Public Utilities.

Park View Water Tank

The Department of Public Utilities is collaborating with Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) and the Park View neighborhood to study site locations and the feasibility of installing a new water tank in the Park View area.