Preliminary Fire Review

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Fire Chief’s Preliminary Fire Review

Prior to submitting a site plan for Comprehensive Site Plan Review, a pre-submission review of the plans by the Fire Chief is required. Approval by the Fire Chief is prerequisite to final plan submission. The purpose of this review is to allow the general fire protection scheme to be reviewed before the review of the final plans. Please submit the following to the Department of Community Development:

Preliminary plans in electronic format (PDF), sufficient in detail to show the general layout of proposed facilities including buildings, parking areas, entrances, travelways and the water system, particularly the location of existing and proposed fire hydrants. Please include:

  • Number of stories
  • Square footage per floor
  • Construction type VCC
  • Building height and highest point
  • See Application PDF [13MB] for additional requirements

Submittal Process

Submit the documents to

If the documents are too large to submit via email:

  1. Notify Community Development of the intent to submit plans for Fire Chief’s Preliminary Review by emailing
  2. Community Development staff will create a unique folder in MS Teams for the proposed submittal and respond with the link.
  3. Upload all submittal documents to the assigned Teams folder. 

Fire flow information:

Fire Chief’s pre-submission application/checklist PDF [13MB] 

If the project includes storage facilities, please include the Storage Limitations form. Word Document [284MB]

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